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AJPO Journal site is designed for academic purpose. All students pursuing their post-graduate or Ph.D and are required by their institutions to publish their articles can do so at AJPO Journals Hosting at affordable prices. AJPO is an academic site designed for your success. For any inquiry, please reach us via email on the contacts us.

Submit your publication to journals@ajpojournals.org or subscribe to a particular journal and submit online

AJPO Journals Publication Process

  1. The manuscript undergoes a preliminary review by the Chief Editor. An INFORMAL ACCEPTANCE LETTER is sent to the author as a notification for content adequacy and appropriateness. Acceptance or rejection of manuscripts is done at this point. Once accepted, a manuscript cannot be rejected at a later stage in the publication process. However, manuscripts rejected at this point can be accepted in a resubmission subject to adequacy.
  2. Upon acceptance, the author is requested to pay the publication fee of usd 100 (for premium/paid journals) and upon payment, a FORMAL ACCEPTANCE LETTER is issued and paper(s)  sent to peer reviewers. The peer review process takes two weeks from the date of payment. The reviewers’ recommendations determine the extent of changes that are required.
  3. Once all the peer reviewers’ comments are addressed, authors are notified about the possible publication date. The standard duration of publishing is within a fortnight to 3 weeks.
  4. Upon publication, the publication link and a copy of the publication (in PDF format) are sent to the author(s).
  5. Author(s) requiring hardcopy print of the issue in which their paper appears can make orders. This is processed and paid for on demand.
  6. Publication certificates are issued shortly after the paper is published and indexed on Google Scholar.
  7. Publication in AJPO Journals is monthly. Papers should be submitted through the email journals@ajpojournals.organd editors will acknowledge receipt

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