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DOI: 10.47672/ejgs.

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The European Journal of Gender Studies is one of the top research journals published by AJPO Journals, a reputable journal publisher based in the United States. AJPO Journals is a leading academic journal publishing site that offers high-quality and low-cost publication services for researchers, scholars, and students. AJPO Journals publishes international peer-reviewed journals in various fields, such as social sciences, humanities, education, business, and law. The European Journal of Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary journal that covers topics related to gender, sexuality, feminism, and culture. The journal aims to promote critical and innovative research on gender issues from different perspectives and disciplines. The journal welcomes submissions from authors around the world, especially from Africa and other underrepresented regions. The European Journal of Gender Studies is indexed by Google Scholar and has a high impact factor among gender studies journals. The European Journal of Gender Studies publishes original research papers, review articles, book reviews, and special issues on current topics in gender studies. The journal follows a rigorous peer-review process to ensure the quality and relevance of the published papers. The journal also offers rapid and fast publication services for authors who need to publish their papers in a short time. The journal has a low publication fee and provides open access to all its articles online. The journal also offers print on demand book publication services for authors who want to publish their books online. The journal helps authors to submit their books for online publication and provides them with professional editing and formatting services.

The European Journal of Gender Studies is a prestigious journal that provides a platform for scholars and researchers to share their insights and findings on gender issues. The journal encourages interdisciplinary and cross-cultural dialogue on gender studies and fosters academic excellence and innovation. The journal is a valuable resource for anyone interested in gender studies and related fields. The journal also helps authors to publish their papers and books in international journals and online platforms. The journal provides guidance and support for authors on how to publish in international journals, how to publish in low-cost and cheap journals, how to publish their books online, how to submit their books for online publication, where to publish their journals, where to publish their dissertations, where to publish their theses, and where to submit their theses for publication. The European Journal of Gender Studies is a journal that aims to advance the field of gender studies and contribute to social change and justice.

In conclusion, European Journal of Gender Studies is an internationally esteemed journal accredited for its pivotal and in-depth information published by AJPO Journals USA LLC. The aim of the journal is to advance knowledge about Women, Gender and Sexuality. This is a field that is devoted to shed light into the aspect regarding women, feminism, gender, and politics. It helps in challenging the androcentric production of knowledge that is the privileging of male- and masculine-centered ways. Thus, the journal offers a platform for feminist scholars (including biologists, anthropologists, sociologists, historians, chemists, engineers, economists and young upcoming activists from every corner of the globe to articulate and air their research views concerning gender identity and gender recognition in various contexts. The journal ensures that publication is done after an in-depth peer review process (usually two peer reviewers) in order to ensure quality of research publication. The process through to publication, additionally, is cheap and fast and thus authors get to receive their get to receive their academic research article completely peer reviewed comments as early as up to 2 weeks. The peer review process maintains a double blind peer review technique that ensures that the authors’ as well as the reviewers’ identities are secret. This leads to high impact peer review and refereed research publications. Publication is indexed in Google scholar among other journal indexes. It also encourages the publishing of open access academic journals on a regular basis. This journal likewise promotes free academic research publication as a mechanism to give back to the society. Despite it being free, quality is still paramount and the process of peer review is still as rigorous as the one for paid publications. This ensures that the research publications are of high impact factor whether they are published without any publication fee or published under a publication fee. The double advantage of low journal/ manuscript publication fees and occasional free journal publishing enables the journal to cater for both upcoming researchers and seasoned academics who would like to publish their scientific work. Authors who have submitted their academic manuscripts for journal publishing also benefit from journal metrics, which show the number of abstracts viewed and the number of journal/manuscripts downloaded. Not only is this journal, a top research journal publisher, it also serves as a good template for authors to know how to prepare and publish their research journal papers/ manuscripts.

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