Journal Hosting

AJPO hosts peer-reviewed academic journals in various categories as listed below. We encourage prospective Authors to send their full manuscript(s) to the journals below. After moderation and review your journal will be published on our Journal System.

Submission, review and publication process

  1. You can prepare your paper based on the following template AJPO format guideline.docx or AJPO format guideline.doc
  2. Email your paper to the editor with a claim that the content is original. You will get a notification from the editor confirming the submission.
  3. Review comments will be returned to be the authors. Authors may receive, 1) Publish Unaltered, 2) Minor revision, 3) Major revision, or 4) Rejection.
  4. Submit your final article (if required) before the deadline mentioned in the acceptance letter.
  5. Online / Printed publication would usually be done within 20 days.

Biological Sciences (5)

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