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DOI: 10.47672/ajppa.

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The American Journal of Public Policy and Administration (AJPPA) is one of the top research journals in the field of public policy and administration. It is published by AJPO JOURNALS, a reputable journal publisher that offers academic journal publishing services to scholars and researchers around the world. AJPPA is an international peer-reviewed journal that aims to promote high-quality research and innovation in public policy and administration. It covers a wide range of topics, such as governance, public management, public finance, public service delivery, policy analysis, policy evaluation, policy design, policy implementation, policy advocacy, policy communication, and policy learning. AJPPA welcomes submissions from both established and emerging scholars, as well as practitioners and policymakers who are interested in sharing their insights and experiences in public policy and administration. AJPPA is an open access journal that is indexed by Google Scholar and has a high impact factor. It offers a rapid and fast publication process, with a low-cost and cheap publication fee. AJPPA also provides print on demand book publication services for authors who wish to publish their books online. AJPPA accepts submissions of research papers, review articles, case studies, book reviews, and policy briefs. AJPPA follows the highest standards of academic integrity and ethical conduct in its editorial and review process. AJPPA also provides constructive feedback and guidance to authors to help them improve their manuscripts and enhance their publication prospects.

AJPPA is a leading journal in the African region, with a strong presence in Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. AJPPA encourages submissions from African scholars and researchers who are working on public policy and administration issues that are relevant to the African context and challenges. AJPPA also welcomes submissions from scholars and researchers from other regions who are interested in exploring the comparative and cross-cultural dimensions of public policy and administration. AJPPA aims to foster a global dialogue and exchange of ideas among scholars, researchers, practitioners, and policymakers who are engaged in public policy and administration. If you are interested in publishing your research paper or book with AJPPA, please visit the AJPO JOURNALS website for more information on how to submit your manuscript or book proposal. You can also contact the AJPPA editorial team at for any queries or assistance. AJPPA looks forward to receiving your submissions and contributing to the advancement of knowledge and practice in public policy and administration.

In summary, The American Journal of Public policy and administration  is an open access journal hosted by AJPO Journals USA LLC. Is an esteemed and high profile journal that is dedicated to publishing authentic research paper works that are interested in maters government and non-governmental management policy administration. The journal likewise aims to collaborate with administration enthusiasts in informing matters criminal justice, community development, economic development, education, environmental policy, finance, information technology, non-profit management, public health and health care, transportation, or urban management. In addition, the journal is aim an international position to plainly, freely and authentically amplify sentiments and opinions of such pubic figures as policy analysts, activists, advisers or managers in government, non-profit organizations, multilateral and regional organizations, or private consulting agencies among others which aim to building nations and inform national development. Therefore, the journal attracts researchers, Non-governmental and governmental bodies and encourages them to publish their papers by help educating the public on best innovative mechanisms to spur nationwide as well as international growth and development. This is a copyrighted journal that ensures the protection of scholarly/intellectual rights to scholars both upcoming and accomplished ones, thus providing a level-playing field for development of ideas that help change the world. Researchers and academicians also enjoy the benefits of advisory and consultancy services from our esteemed editorial committee regarding the best approaches to take while tackling their studies and researches with regard to Public policy and administration. This includes high profile lecturers, tutors, peer reviewers, policy opinion leaders among others who make sure that the papers give insightful and revolutionary ideas and solutions besides pursuing academic heights. In view of the above, the journal ensures that publications are done after an in-depth peer review process (usually two high profile peer reviewers) in order to ensure quality of research publication. The process through to publication, additionally, is cost-effective, fast and convenient, thus authors get to achieve the most out of their academic research articles completely peer reviewed comments as early as up to 2 weeks. The peer review process maintains a double blind peer review technique that ensures that the authors’ as well as the reviewers’ identities are secret. This leads to high impact peer review and refereed research publications. Publication is indexed in Google scholar among other journal indexes such as the SCOPUS, Science Direct, EBSCO and Sage journals among others. It also encourages the publishing of open access academic journals on a regular basis. The journal, likewise, has a variety of special issues that include any unpublished articles in a different format like original research articles, critical reviews, mini reviews, short communications, case reports related to the specific theme. These formats enable the articles be archived for future referencing given special instances that may arise in future which mean that quality is a constant developing aspect in the course of time. The journal likewise offers an incentive to publishers such as free publications, from different social classes regardless of their economic statuses. This helps to promote academic research publication as a mechanism to give back to the society. Despite it being free, quality is still paramount and the process of peer review is still as rigorous as the one for paid publications. This ensures that the research publications are of high impact factor whether they are published without any publication fee or published under a publication fee.   The double advantage of low journal/ manuscript publication fees and occasional free journal publishing enables the journal to cater for both upcoming researchers and seasoned academics who would like to publish their scientific work. Authors who have submitted their academic manuscripts for journal publishing also benefit from journal metrics, which show the number of abstracts viewed and the number of journal/manuscripts downloaded.  Not only is this journal, a top research journal publisher, it also serves as a good template for authors to know how to prepare and publish their research journal papers/ manuscripts.

2 reviews for American Journal of Public Policy and Administration

  1. Rogelio Lerio (verified owner)

    Dear AJPO Journal Team,

    I want to express my sincere gratitude for the opportunity to have my paper published in your esteemed journal. Your commitment to advancing knowledge in the field of Public Policy and Administration is truly commendable. The thorough review process and collaborative efforts have undoubtedly enriched the quality of my work. Thank you for providing a platform to share research and contribute to the academic community. I wholeheartedly give my rating of 5/5.

    Best regards,


  2. kakaasjumanne

    Hallo AJPO team!
    On track to the publication desk, you won’t go unnoticed, I had been reading all your comments out of my five years and over of academic journals publication and today I thought of singling you and your team out, and appreciate you for the professional and supplemental works you offer to your clients.


    Dr. Andrew Shangarai Jumanne, DPhil.

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