American Journal of Economics



America Journal of Economics is a higher factor peer reviewed journal published both online and printed version by AJPO Journals USA LLC. The journal is a primary outlet for theoretical and empirical research in all areas of international economics .These include but not limited to the following trade patterns, commercial policy, international institution, exchange rates, open economy, macroeconomics, international finance, international factors mobility. America Journal of Economics prides itself in cheap and fast publication and is indexed in Google scholar among other journal indexes. It regularly promotes open access academic journal publishing. As far as peer review of the research publication is concerned, a double blind peer review methodology is applied. This leads to high impact peer review and refereed research publications.

America Journal of Economics is considered to be one of the top academic journal publishers in the field of economics. The authors get academic research article peer review comments within 2 weeks due to the rapid publication process. Irregularly, the research publishing journal also promotes free academic journal publishing as a way of giving back to the society. The free journal publication still follows the rigorous procedure in peer reviewing all academic research journal articles. This ensures that the research publications are of high impact factor whether they are published fee or published under a publication fee.


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