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DOI: 10.47672/ijbs.

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Impact Factor: 3.4

International Journal of Business Strategies is a reputable research journal that publishes high-quality and original papers on various aspects of business and management. The journal aims to provide a platform for scholars, practitioners, and policymakers to share their insights, experiences, and solutions to the challenges and opportunities in the global business environment.  The journal is indexed by Google Scholar and has a high impact factor, reflecting its academic excellence and relevance. The journal is also one of the top research journals in Africa, with a strong presence in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania. The journal welcomes submissions from authors across the world, especially from emerging and developing economies.  The journal offers a low-cost and fast publication process, with a peer review system that ensures the quality and integrity of the papers. The journal also provides open access to its articles, making them accessible and affordable to a wide audience. The journal covers a broad range of topics, such as strategic management, entrepreneurship, innovation, marketing, finance, human resources, operations, ethics, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility.

The journal also publishes books online, using a print-on-demand service that allows authors to publish their books without any upfront costs or inventory risks. The journal accepts book proposals and manuscripts from authors who wish to publish their dissertations, theses, or other scholarly works. The journal provides guidance and support to authors throughout the publication process, from submission to distribution. International Journal of Business Strategies is a leading journal publisher that strives to advance the knowledge and practice of business and management in the global context. The journal invites authors to submit their papers and book proposals online through its website. The journal also encourages readers to browse its archive and current issues, and to provide feedback and comments on the published works.

In summary, International Journal of Business and Strategies is a peer reviewed journal published in both printed and online versions by AJPO Journals USA LLC. The scopes of the International Journal of Business Strategies include, but not limited to business, management, marketing, finance, economics, human resource management, strategies and decision science. The ambition of the journal is to become a recognized top tier journal, acclaimed for redirecting international business research and management studies for defining new directions. International Journal of Business Strategies superiorities itself in cheap and fast publication and is indexed in Google scholar among other journal indexes. It regularly promotes open access academic journal publishing. The journal is considered to be one of the top academic journal publishers in the field of business. The authors get academic research article peer review comments within 2 weeks due to the rapid publication process. Irregularly, the research publishing journal also promotes free academic journal publishing as a way of giving back to the society. The free journal publication still follows the rigorous procedure in peer reviewing all academic research journal articles.  Authors who have submitted their academic manuscripts for journal publishing also benefit from journal metrics, which show the number of abstracts viewed and the number of journal/manuscripts downloaded.  This journal is not only a top research journal publisher, but also serves as a good template for authors to know how to prepare and publish their research journal papers/ manuscripts.


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