American Journal of Education and Practice

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ISSN 2520 – 3991 (online)

DOI: 10.47672/ajep.
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Impact Factor: 3.4

The American Journal of Education and Practice (AJEP) is one of the top research journals published by AJPO Journals.  AJEP aims to provide a platform for scholars, researchers, educators, and practitioners to share their insights, experiences, and findings on various aspects of education and practice. AJEP covers a wide range of topics, such as curriculum development, teaching methods, learning outcomes, assessment, educational policy, educational technology, and more. AJEP is an international peer-reviewed journal that follows high standards of quality and ethics in academic publishing. AJEP is indexed by Google Scholar and has a high impact factor among African journals. AJPO Journals is one of the best journal publishers in Africa, offering low-cost and cheap journals for publishing your research papers. AJPO Journals has a list of open access journals to publish in, covering various disciplines such as education, business, social sciences, humanities, engineering, health sciences, and more. AJPO Journals also provides rapid and fast academic journal publishing services, with a quick turnaround time from submission to publication. AJPO Journals is committed to promoting excellence and innovation in research and scholarship across the continent and beyond.

If you are looking for a way to publish your book online, AJPO Journals can help you with that too. AJPO Journals offers print on demand book publication services, where you can submit your book for online publication and have it printed and delivered to your doorstep. AJPO Journals can also help you with editing, formatting, design, and marketing of your book. Whether you want to publish your dissertation, thesis, or any other academic or non-academic work, AJPO Journals can make it happen for you. To learn more about the American Journal of Education and Practice and other journals published by AJPO Journals, visit their website at You can also find out how to publish in international journals, how to submit your papers or books for publication, and where to publish your journals or books. AJPO Journals is your one-stop shop for all your academic publishing needs.

In conclusion, American Journal of Education and practice is a high ranked journal approved for its content and information published by AJPO Journals USA LLC. The journal has a pool of extensive knowledge in aesthetic, cultural, ethical, intellectual, physical, religious, social, spiritual and vocational development of an individual and its practical application of the educational comprehension. Among the areas of education practice covered are the formal, informal and non-formal. The submitted articles for publishing undergo a double blind peer review before they are published. This helps in mitigating the publication errors and therefore ensuring a high standard journals. The review and publication charges are low and affordable to the researchers, both advancing and upcoming researchers. The journals published have an open access by scholars which makes it possible for referencing in other future studies likely to be done in the related fields. This journal can be identified as one of the most accomplished journals in the field of education and practice. The metrics of number of cite visitations and downloads are available in the publication cite which makes it an added advantage.

2 reviews for American Journal of Education and Practice

  1. nimusima.pereez

    In the world of scholarly publication, you are quite unrivalled. Why? Your double-blind peer review process is too professional, you give constructive feedback that gives the researcher (s) chance to do self-check and improve their manuscript. This means that you have mentorship embedded in your peer review processes. You give due attention to all submissions, and you mind time.

  2. Turjo Barua

    It is quite handy for students. Provide good review within a week and quicker for publication. I loved it. Thank you

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