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DOI: 10.47672/ajes.

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Impact Factor: 3.3

American Journal of Environment Studies (AJES) is a peer-reviewed journal published by AJPO Journals, one of the top research journal publishers in the world. AJES aims to provide a platform for researchers, scholars, practitioners, and policy makers to share and disseminate their original and innovative findings on various aspects of environmental studies, such as climate change, biodiversity, pollution, sustainability, and environmental management. AJES welcomes submissions from all disciplines and fields related to the environment, as long as they meet the high standards of academic rigor and relevance. AJES is an open access journal that is indexed by Google Scholar and has a high impact factor. This means that the articles published in AJES are freely available online for anyone to access, read, cite, and use. Moreover, AJES has a fast and low-cost publication process that ensures timely and quality publication of the accepted papers. AJES charges a nominal fee for publication, which covers the costs of peer review, editing, formatting, and online hosting. AJES also offers discounts and waivers for authors from developing countries and low-income groups.

AJES also publishes books online through its print on demand service. Authors who wish to publish their books online can submit their manuscripts to AJES for evaluation and publication. AJES will handle the entire process of book publication, from editing and proofreading to printing and distribution. Authors can choose from various options of book formats, sizes, covers, and prices. AJES will also promote the books through its website and social media platforms. If you are interested in publishing your research paper or book with AJES, you can visit the journal’s website at for more information on the journal’s scope, aims, objectives, editorial board, submission guidelines, publication fees, and policies. You can also contact the journal’s editor-in-chief at for any queries or clarifications. AJES is always looking for new and original contributions that can advance the field of environmental studies and benefit the society and the planet.

In conclusion, American Journal of Environment Studies is internationally peer reviewed journal by AJPO Journals USA LLC. The journal aims at promoting understanding of vital environmental concerns, seek publication of major behavior of upcoming contaminant, effect of human activities on environment, human exposure to environment contamination, its effect and control. The journal being of high factor is also a hub for all those who seek to make the earth a better place.

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