American Journal of Natural Sciences


ISSN 2957-7268 (online)

DOI: 10.47672/ajns.

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Impact Factor: 3.2

The American Journal of Natural Sciences, a distinguished publication among AJPO Journals, stands as a beacon in the realm of research paper publication. In the vast landscape of academic journal publishing sites, this journal shines as one of the top research journals in the United States. Being part of the best journal publishers, it is committed to offering a platform for scholars and researchers to disseminate their findings worldwide. With its inclusion in Google Scholar indexed journals, this journal ensures that your research reaches a global audience. One of the hallmarks of this journal is its consistently high Impact Factor, cementing its reputation as one of the premier outlets for scholarly work. For those wondering how to publish in international journals, the American Journal of Natural Sciences provides a straightforward path, making it accessible to researchers seeking to publish in reputable research journals. Moreover, it offers options for those looking to publish in low-cost and cheap journals, ensuring inclusivity in the academic publishing landscape.

Expanding beyond traditional research, this journal even offers a platform for authors looking to publish their books online. With seamless processes for book publication, including print on demand options, it caters to the needs of authors aspiring to share their work with a wider audience. In the realm of peer-reviewed journals, this journal maintains rigorous standards, adhering to international peer-reviewed journal guidelines. It also extends its reach to African scholars, facilitating journal submission to African journals, thereby fostering academic collaboration. For authors seeking guidance on where to publish, this journal consistently tops the list of best journals to publish in. It also assists in identifying cheap and low-cost journals for publishing while championing the cause of open access journals, making academic knowledge more accessible globally. The American Journal of Natural Sciences is not limited by geographical boundaries. It extends its reach to countries like Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania, establishing itself as one of the reputable research journals in these regions. For students and researchers completing their academic journey, this journal offers guidance on where to publish their dissertations and theses, making the process seamless and accessible. It is committed to bridging the gap between aspiring scholars and reputable research publishing. The American Journal of Natural Sciences, part of the AJPO Journals family, stands as a paragon of academic publishing. With its commitment to excellence, inclusivity, and accessibility, it continues to shape the academic landscape, connecting researchers, authors, and scholars on a global scale.

In summary, American Journal of Natural Sciences is a quality and proficient journal acknowledged for its crucial information published by AJPO Journals USA LLC. The journal gathers knowledge on various environmental adaptations, interdependence of the various factors in the natural settings, habitats, climate, man and the natural world. The aspects focused on are physical, earth and life sciences. The journal is popular owing to its affordability to the researchers in publishing their manuscripts. The article publication is swift, in a period within two weeks of manuscript submission for publishing. The journal features in the google scholar among other indices, therefore allows referencing in other related studies in the same field research by other authors. The articles for publication undergo a double blind peer review process thus promoting proficiency of the journal. The authors have an added advantage in that they can access the metrics of the number of article views and downloads in the journal. The journal serves as a template to other authors in preparation of their articles for publishing.



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