American Journal of Natural Sciences



American Journal of Natural Sciences is a quality and proficient journal acknowledged for its crucial information published by AJPO Journals USA LLC. The journal gathers knowledge on various environmental adaptations, interdependence of the various factors in the natural settings, habitats, climate, man and the natural world. The aspects focused on are physical, earth and life sciences. The journal is popular owing to its affordability to the researchers in publishing their manuscripts. The article publication is swift, in a period within two weeks of manuscript submission for publishing. The journal features in the google scholar among other indices, therefore allows referencing in other related studies in the same field research by other authors. The articles for publication undergo a double blind peer review process thus promoting proficiency of the journal. The authors have an added advantage in that they can access the metrics of the number of article views and downloads in the journal. The journal serves as a template to other authors in preparation of their articles for publishing.


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