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DOI: 10.47672/ajrs

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Impact Factor: 3.3

The American Journal of Recreation and Sports, a prominent publication within the AJPO JOURNALS network, stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of research paper publication. Among the top research journals, this esteemed journal is a testament to the dedication of American Journals to the dissemination of knowledge. As one of the best journal publishers, AJPO JOURNALS consistently maintains a commitment to academic rigor, making it a go-to source for researchers seeking Google Scholar indexed journals with high impact factors. For those seeking insight into how to publish in international journals, the American Journal of Recreation and Sports offers invaluable guidance. Furthermore, it caters to those interested in exploring cost-effective options, providing a platform for publication in low-cost and cheap journals. The journal’s dedication to accessibility extends to book publishing, offering guidance on how to publish books online and submit them for online publication. As part of the wider AJPO JOURNALS network, this journal is part of the international peer-reviewed journals community, ensuring that research submissions undergo rigorous scrutiny. The journal is also open to collaborations with African journals, facilitating journal submission to African counterparts and fostering global academic discourse. The American Journal of Recreation and Sports is a cornerstone for researchers seeking reputable journal publishers. It upholds the highest standards of academic integrity and is recognized as one of the reputable research journals in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. As one of the top academic journals, it serves as a prime destination for scholars looking to publish their work. Whether you’re wondering where to publish journals, dissertations, or theses, this journal offers a platform for all your scholarly endeavors.

In an era where rapid publication is essential, the American Journal of Recreation and Sports is known for its rapid and fast academic journal publishing, ensuring that cutting-edge research reaches the academic community swiftly. With a commitment to excellence, accessibility, and peer-reviewed integrity, this journal is a vital resource for all researchers, providing a curated list of best journals to publish in, as well as cheap and low-cost journals for those mindful of budget constraints. Additionally, it embraces the open access movement, featuring a list of open access journals to publish in, promoting knowledge dissemination for all. For scholars in Rwanda, the American Journal of Recreation and Sports is among the notable peer-reviewed journal publishers, fostering academic growth in the region. Additionally, it caters to authors seeking print on demand book publication, offering a versatile platform for researchers and authors alike. In summary, the American Journal of Recreation and Sports, a flagship of AJPO JOURNALS, continues to shine as a beacon of academic excellence and accessibility in the world of research and scholarly publishing.

In summary, American Journal of Recreation and Sports is a prestigious journal hosted by AJPO journals USA LLC. The journal aims to provide a platform for researchers, practitioners, and educators to share and exchange their latest findings and insights on various topics related to recreation and sports. The journal covers a wide range of disciplines, such as physical education, sports management, sports psychology, sports medicine, leisure studies, tourism, and more. The journal has an ISSN of 2957-904X. The journal follows an intensive peer review process that ensures the quality and originality of the published articles. The peer review process takes about two weeks from the submission to the acceptance or rejection of the manuscript. The journal is indexed by several reputable platforms, such as Research Gate, Google Scholar, EBSCOhost, Scilit, and Crossref (DOI). The journal also provides publication certificates to the authors upon request. The journal has an eminent editorial board that consists of experts and scholars from different countries and fields. The editorial board members are responsible for selecting, reviewing, and editing the manuscripts submitted to the journal. The editorial board also contributes to the development and promotion of the journal. The journal is an open access journal that allows anyone to access, read, download, and cite the published articles without any charge. The journal follows the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY 4.0), which means that the authors retain the copyright of their articles and can share them freely with others. Publishing with American Journal of Recreation and Sports is beneficial for the authors because it can enhance their academic reputation, increase their visibility and impact, and facilitate their collaboration and networking with other researchers in the field. The journal also offers fast publication, low publication fee, and high-quality service to the authors.

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