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ISSN 2789-7060 (online)

DOI: 10.47672/ejcm.

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Impact Factor: 3.4

The European Journal of Conflict Management is a prestigious publication under the umbrella of AJPO JOURNALS, one of the leading American journal publishers known for its commitment to disseminating high-quality academic research. This journal is a standout among top research journals and is well-regarded in academic circles worldwide. It serves as a beacon for scholars seeking top-tier academic journal publishing sites to showcase their research. One of the key strengths of the European Journal of Conflict Management is its inclusion in Google Scholar indexed journals. This status ensures that the research papers published in this journal gain wide visibility and recognition within the academic community. Furthermore, the journal boasts a high Impact factor, a vital metric that speaks to its influence and relevance in the field of conflict management. For academics looking to publish in international journals, the European Journal of Conflict Management stands as an ideal choice. Its commitment to academic excellence and its rigorous peer review process make it an attractive destination for scholars worldwide. Moreover, it addresses the need for researchers seeking low-cost and affordable options for publishing, ensuring accessibility to a broader audience.

In addition to research papers, the journal also offers a platform for authors looking to publish their books online. The process of submitting a book for online publication is streamlined and efficient, making it an appealing option for authors eager to share their work with a global readership. The European Journal of Conflict Management is one of the preeminent international peer-reviewed journals, welcoming submissions from scholars globally. Its commitment to inclusivity extends to African scholars, as it encourages journal submission to African journals, fostering academic collaboration and knowledge exchange across continents. For those seeking a curated list of the best journals to publish in, the European Journal of Conflict Management consistently ranks among the top choices. It combines excellence with affordability, making it an attractive option for scholars looking to publish their work without breaking the bank. It is part of a broader collection of open access journals, further promoting the dissemination of knowledge to a global audience. In the African context, the journal’s commitment to quality is reflected in its association with reputable journal publishers. Scholars in countries like Kenya and Uganda trust this journal for its high standards and contributions to the field. In Tanzania, it is recognized as one of the top academic journals, a testament to its impact in the region. For those pondering where to publish journals, the European Journal of Conflict Management provides a reputable and well-established platform. The same applies to authors looking to publish their dissertations and theses, as it offers a reliable avenue for showcasing their scholarly contributions. Submitting a thesis for publication is made straightforward through the journal’s user-friendly submission process. European Journal of Conflict Management, under the AJPO JOURNALS banner, is an exemplar of research paper publication and academic excellence. Its place among the top research journals, its affiliation with American Journals, and its reputation as one of the best journal publishers make it an attractive choice for scholars globally. With its focus on accessibility and affordability, it is an inclusive platform that welcomes researchers from diverse backgrounds. Its presence in Google Scholar indexed journals and its high Impact factor underscore its significance in the academic world. For scholars in Africa and beyond, it is a reputable destination for sharing research and fostering academic collaboration. Whether you are seeking to publish a research paper, a book, a dissertation, or a thesis, the European Journal of Conflict Management offers a reliable and esteemed platform for your academic endeavors.

In conclusion, The European Journal of Conflict Management is a peer-reviewed journal published by AJPO Journals USA LLC. It publishes the latest theories and scholarly work on the causes and management of human conflict. The EJCM focuses on conflicts within and between nations, but also covers inter-group and interpersonal conflicts which may help to understand war and peace-related concerns. The journal is important to future researchers of conflict management, as it offers excellent expertise. The journal is particularly well-known for its competitive publishing costs. This gives space for prospective researchers who want to publish their research work. The article is also included in the repositories of google scholars and other journals.

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  1. gilbert.kericho

    A Must-Read and Publish Platform for All Scholar!
    The EJCM stands out as a remarkable academic platform. I’ve been thoroughly impressed by the quick and comprehensive review process carried out by their astute editors and diligent reviewers.

    Their ability to provide detailed feedback in a timely manner is commendable. It’s clear that they prioritize maintaining the integrity of scholarly work while also ensuring a smooth and efficient publishing process. This has not only enhanced the quality of my own research, but also enriched my reading experience.

    I highly recommend the EJCM for both reading and publishing. It provides a unique blend of high-quality research papers, thorough reviews, and rapid publication. Whether you’re a seasoned researcher or a student just starting out, this journal should definitely be on your radar.

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