Principles of Constitutional Law


American Journal of Law Vol 1 No 1 (2029)

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  • Dispute Resolution Methods Available in International Institutions (ECOWAS): A Critical Analysis
  • Duty of Member States of United Nations Organization to Prosecute International Crimes; A Critical Analysis
  • The Powers of International Criminal Court in Prosecuting Crimes; War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide
  • Equitable Representation of Economic Interests of Members of the United Nations Organization, a Myth or a Reality?
  • Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment to “Eliminate Project”: A Critical Medico Jurisprudential Appraisal of the Unobtrusive, Objectionable Mens Rea Inherent in Certain Medico-Prophylactic Programmes
Category Book Chapters
Publisher: AJPO journals and books publishers
Authors: Prof. P. E. O. Oguno PhD
Pages: 93
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