Career Growth for Uganda’s Women and Girls in Sciences, the Challenges, Opportunities and Experiences



The book titled “Career Growth for Uganda’s Women and Girls in Sciences; the Challenges, Opportunities and Experiences” is authored by a team of women in Sciences from Uganda. It contains information on the challenges, opportunities and experiences on career growth for women in Sciences, with Uganda in perspective. The information, in the authors’ view, will be a useful guideline for women and girls pursuing career success in the fields of sciences, engineering, mathematics and related others. In chapter one a review and summary of the subject is given. Chapter two reports on a panel discussion, while chapter three presents personal experiences of women and girls in sciences at different stages of their professional career growth. Chapter four, contains experiences and advice from experts who have been involved in training, financial support of academic and professional development of women and girls in sciences. We believe, not only the women and girls in STEM will benefit from this publication, but also, community in academia, research, policy and development arenas

Category Book Chapters
Publisher: AJPO journals and books publishers
ISBN: 978-9914-745-40-5
Authors: Dr. Priscilla Nyadoi, Dr. Fulgensia Kamugisha Mbabazi, Ass.Prof Sarah Nachuha, Prof. Jennifer Thomson
Pages: 52



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