A Contextual Review of Information Security and Cybercrime



Within the fields of information technology (IT) and information security, the authors of this book originate from different backgrounds. This combined industry experience includes programming experience, network engineering experience, information security management experience and IT project management experience. Moreover, each author is a faculty member at Heritage Christian College and each contribute a distinct set of skills and experiences to the table. This includes a broad spectrum of subjects, such as Information Systems, Information Security, Online Learning Technologies and Systems Development, as well as research conducted over the past decade on the subject of information security and cybercrime. We were given the opportunity to conduct additional research in the field of information security and cybercrime within the context of Ghana as a result of this experience. We determined that in order to increase our knowledge of information security, we needed to acquire additional academic credentials and professional certifications in the field. The further we progressed in the acquisition of knowledge and development of solutions, the greater our wish to share our experiences and my knowledge in an audience-specific manner. This book is written with the intention of providing the reader with a comprehensive learning experience and perspective on information security and cybercrime in Ghana. The book thus covers topics such as Introduction to Information Security, Overview of Cybercrime, Information Security Theories, Cybercrime Related Theories, Legal and Regulatory Framework, Information Security Management, Computer Forensics, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Tests, Security Operations Center and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. It is expected any reader would obtain relevant insight into the fields of information security in the Ghanaian context with an outlook of the future insights.


Paul D., John A. K., Jojo D. L., Dzifa B. O., (2023). A Contextual Review of Information Security and                                Cybercrime. AJPO JOURNALS AND BOOK PUBLISHERS.


Category Book Chapters
Publisher: AJPO journals and books publishers
ISBN: 978-9914-745-81-8
Authors: Paul Danquah, Ph.D, John Amoako Kani, Ph.D, Jojo Desmond Lartey, Dzifa Bibi Oppong
Pages: 172



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