Are you looking for a reputable journal to publish your accounting research? Do you want to reach a global audience of academics, practitioners and policymakers? If yes, then you should consider submitting your paper to the American Journal of Accounting (AJAcc). The AJAcc is a peer-reviewed journal that covers various aspects of accounting theory and practice, including auditing, financial accounting, managerial accounting, taxation, information systems, and international accounting. The journal aims to advance the knowledge and understanding of accounting and its role in society.

One of the benefits of publishing in the AJAcc is that your paper will be indexed by several prominent databases and search engines, such as Google Scholar, EconLit, Academic OneFile, and Expanded Academic ASAP. This means that your paper will have more visibility and impact in the accounting community and beyond.

Another benefit of publishing in the AJAcc is that the journal has a high-quality review process that ensures the rigor and relevance of your research. The journal has an editorial board of distinguished scholars and practitioners who provide constructive feedback and guidance to authors. The peer review process takes between 2 weeks and 2 months, depending on the complexity and quality of the paper.

Moreover, publishing in the AJAcc is cost-friendly and convenient for authors. The journal charges a publication fee of only USD 130, which is lower than many other journals in the field. The journal also accepts various payment methods, such as PayPal, PesaPal, bank transfer, Payoneer, Western Union and mobile banking. Additionally, the journal provides an e-certificate and a DOI for each publication, which enhances the credibility and accessibility of your paper. In conclusion, the American Journal of Accounting is a prestigious journal that offers many advantages to authors who want to disseminate their accounting research to a wide audience. The journal has a high standard of quality, speed and customer responsiveness in handling journalsubmissions and publications. If you are interested in publishing in the AJA, you can visit their website at

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