Statistics and Actuarial Sciences Application


American Journal of Statistics and Actuarial Sciences (AJSAS) Vol 1 No 1 (2022) & Vol 2 No 1 (2023)

American Journal of Statistics and Actuarial Sciences is an open-access journal hosted by AJPO Journals USA LLC. Statistics and Actuarial Science are two subjects that are closely connected since statistical methods are applied when solving financial insurance problems. Actuarial science on the other hand uses probability mathematics to solve uncertain future problems. The American Journal of Statistics and Actuarial Science deals with fields such as Mathematics, Economics, Finance, Statistics, Probability and Computer Science. The paper is then reviewed by professionals so as to make sure that the journal is clear and comprehensive so as not to compromise the quality. The review remarks are issued within a period of two weeks. This journal is also very popular for its affordable prices which is an advantage to both the existing and upcoming researchers who want to publish their work. The journal is also featured in the google scholar and other journal directories. Therefore, this journal is appropriate for all the actuarial and statistical studies which is then published in both online and printed versions. Its indexed in google scholar, Crossref (DOI), Ebscohost, Research Gate among others.


  • Forecasting of Caesarean Births in the University of Cape Coast Hospital, Ghana
  • The Relationship among the Three Distributions: Binomial, Poisson and Normal Distribution
  • Modernizing Pension Fund Contribution
  • Pay-As-You-Drive Insurance Pricing Model
Category Book Chapters
Publisher: AJPO journals and books publishers
ISBN: 978-9914-745-16-0
Authors: McAdams Abu Bakr, Banda Gerald, Calvine Odiwuor, Safoora Zarei
Pages: 63
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