An analysis of the Diplomatic Situation of the First Czechoslovak Republic and its Impacts on the Nation’s Demise after the Munich Agreement


  • Haolin Guo



Czechoslovakia, Munich Agreement, diplomacy, Little Entente, interwar history


Purpose: The objective of this research is to dive into the details of the First Czechoslovak Republic’s diplomacy and examine the impacts and significance of its diplomacy on its doomed national security.

Methodology: This article primarily used qualitative research methods. By studying official historical documents from governments, the historical circumstances could be analysed. Secondary sources, such as books written by historians were also referenced to view this period of history from unique perspectives.

Unique Contribution to this Field: Currently, most research about the First Czechoslovak Republic revolves around the time close to the Munich Agreement. This article innovatively studied the diplomatic history of Czechoslovakia since its formation and focused on its diplomacy in the 1920s.


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