Optimization of Hybrid Optical Amplifiers (Raman-EDFA) with a Standard Fiber (SMF) and a maximum pump power of 200mw in access networks: WDM-PON


  • Bimogo Joseph Armel
  • Essiben Dikoundou J.F
  • Koko Same L.C




In this paper , we demonstrate the possibility of Raman -EDFA association in access networks. for this purpose, we evaluate the respective performances of these two types through a numerical method for 16 channels. Interesting results can be exploited; it is shown that with EDFAs, a target gain of 20dB can be reached for a wavelength range of 980 to 1440nm but with several perturbations in the received signal due to SNR and OSNR. These problems are solved with the integration of Raman amplification which pushes the gain limit to 27dB, with a better flatness.


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Armel , B., Dikoundou, E., & Same, K. . (2021). Optimization of Hybrid Optical Amplifiers (Raman-EDFA) with a Standard Fiber (SMF) and a maximum pump power of 200mw in access networks: WDM-PON. American Journal of Computing and Engineering, 4(1), 40 - 48. https://doi.org/10.47672/ajce.701