Grassroots Initiative Dynamism and its Strength for Rural Development in Nkum, Bui Division, North West Region, Cameroon.


  • Gilbert Zechia Mofor (PhD)
  • Nadine Yemelong Temgoua (PhD)
  • Fondzemo Vanessa Monyuy

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Grassroots initiative, dynamics, rural development, participation, Nkum subdivision


Purpose: Grassroots institutions and organisations use collective actions at the local level to effect developmental changes. This study brings to focus the contributions of grassroots initiative dynamism and the strength for rural development in the Nkum Subdivision.

Methodology: The data were gotten from secondary and primary sources. Secondary sources came from peer reviewed journals, published and unpublished dissertations and institutional reports. Primary sources included field surveys, field observations, and interviews. Semi closed questionnaires were imputed into an Excel page and the data transformed into charts and tables, while quantitative data was sorted manually. The descriptive statistics method was to analyse the data.

Findings: Findings showed a plethora of interrelated grassroots institutions for rural development in Nkum grouped under local NGOs, local associations, and other institutions with activities cutting across road maintenance, education, electrification, and enhancement of portable water supply. Findings also indicated a wide range of challenges faced by the grassroots initiative institutions including difficulties in accessing the areas of exact needs, lack of relevant information about precise areas of need, an inability to finish started-up projects and non-proper integration of some stakeholders in project management.

Recommendation: It is recommended that, there is need for measures of proper negotiations among the stakeholders, reinforce collective actions spirit, and endure involvement of community heads into all developmental projects. This will surely improve the existing rural development prowess in Nkum Subdivision by different stakeholders.


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Author Biographies

Gilbert Zechia Mofor (PhD)

Senior Lecturer, Department of Geography, HTTC, University of Bamenda, Cameroon

Nadine Yemelong Temgoua (PhD)

Senior Lecturer, Department of Geography, HTTC, University of Bamenda, Cameroon

Fondzemo Vanessa Monyuy

Post Graduate Student, Higher Teacher Training College Bambili, University of Bamenda, Cameroon


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