Effects of divorce in the church: a case study of selected CITAM churches in Kenya (CITAM Valley Road, CITAM Woodley, CITAM Ngong)


  • Elias Juma Simiyu Africa International University




effects of divorce, church, CITAM churches


Purpose: The church is expected to contribute to the stable marriage and ensure that it has put measures in place that will reduce the rate of divorce as much as possible.  The purpose of the paper is to determine the effects of divorce in the selected churches of CITAM in Kenya. The objectives is to establish whether divorce has any effect on the psychological wellbeing of  children and spouses affected, some of the causes of divorce, and the role of CITAM in reducing divorce in the church.

Methodology: The paper adopted qualitative research methods to obtain in-depth information on the situation. The study used a descriptive research design and the target population of the research was 100 church members who have undergone the divorce, from which the researcher was able to obtain a sample of 27 participants through the saturated sampling technique. The data was collected using interviews. The data was analyzed using QDA miner lite 2.0.7. The data was presented using tables and charts.

Results: Some of the causes of divorce include infidelity, variation in expectations, communication breakdown, and lack of support system, finances, in-laws, abuse and wrong orientations to marriage. CITAM should enhance support to families and enhance premarital counselling. Divorce causes psychological problems to divorced spouses and children and also causes stigmatization.

Recommendations: The church needs to diversify means in which its members are empowered on how to embrace God’s teaching much more than their tradition or culture. The church members are aware of the biblical teaching that discourages them from divorce and therefore the church needs to diversify means by which they live according to God’s word which is the pillar for every marriage. The church needs to improve its premarital counseling as this is the building block of marriage. The church should also intentionally have professional counselors who have experience in marital issues and who will not mislead those who come for help in the church. The church needs to develop programs that can support church members who find themselves in troubled marriages by coming up with counseling programs that identifies with the affected church members.

Author Biography

Elias Juma Simiyu, Africa International University

Masters student (Theology),

Finance Officer, Christ is The Answer Ministries (CITAM)


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