• Magaji J.Y.
  • Adakayi P. E.



Anthropogenic, pollution, leachates, parameters, and Waste.


Continuous release of leachates from the dumpsite into surface water might lead to environmental disturbance which could be considered as a threat to aquatic and human lives. Purpose: The aim of this study was to investigate the seasonal variation in the quality of surface water in Mpape dumpsite and its environs.

Methodology: This research adopted a comparative research design, where two seasons surface water quality were compared to if there was variation. A total of 15 water samples were analyzed for 27 parameters each during the dry and the rainy seasons in 2019. Five sampling points of surface water were identified and marked along the stream; two out of which are the upstream that were used as control. At each point three samples were collected for three months for both seasons (rainy and dry season), making a total of 30 samples for the study. Two mils of concentrated nitrate (HNO3) was added to each sample in order to preserve the metals and also to avoid contamination. The data was also compared with the Values of World Health Organization.

Findings: The results of the analyses revealed a general low temporal variation within the samples and a high spatial variation between the samples. There was also seasonal variations in the level of contamination with higher values (55.6%) during the rainy season, 33.3% during the dry season. Results shows that there is deterioration in water quality with the following above WHO standard BOD (21.4±7.7), Mg (32.1±8.8), Mn (20.05±3.6), Cd (0.02±0.01), Hg (0.04±0.02), Cl- (260.1±96),  Br (0.3±0.5), Fe (0.61±0.9), and Pb (0.03±0.01). The results obtained revealed a general low variation. More so, increase of pollution load during rainy season indicated the increase in organic matter in the surface water during the season due to increase in anthropogenic interferences of the surrounding areas.

Recommendation: It is therefore recommended that there should be public health enlightenment and regular monitoring and treatment of the polluted water in order to obtain potable water.

Author Biographies

Magaji J.Y.

Department of Geography and Environmental Management, University of Abuja

Adakayi P. E.

Department of Geography and Environmental Management, University of Abuja


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