The American Journal of International Relations (AJIR) from AJPO Journals is a leading academic journal that publishes original and innovative research on various aspects of international relations. The journal aims to provide a platform for scholars, practitioners, and policymakers to exchange ideas and insights on the most pressing issues and challenges facing the global community. In this blog post, I will highlight some of the features and benefits of publishing in AJIR, and why it is the most preferred journal for international relations scholars.

One of the main advantages of publishing in AJIR is that it is indexed by several reputable and widely used databases, such as Google Scholar, Crossref, EBSCOhost, ResearchGate, and SCILIT. This means that your articles will have high visibility and accessibility among the academic community and beyond. Indexing also enhances the credibility and quality of your research, as it indicates that your work meets the standards and criteria of these databases. Moreover, indexing facilitates citation tracking and impact measurement, which are important indicators of your scholarly contribution and influence.

Another benefit of publishing in AJIR is that it is an open access journal, which means that your articles are freely available online for anyone to read, download, and share. Open access promotes the dissemination and democratization of knowledge, as it removes the barriers of subscription fees and paywalls that limit the access and reach of your research. Open access also increases the potential impact and citation of your work, as it enables more readers and users to find and use your research. Furthermore, open access supports the ethical and social responsibility of researchers, as it allows them to share their findings with the public and contribute to the advancement of science and society.

A third advantage of publishing in AJIR is that it has a rigorous and efficient peer review process, which ensures the quality and validity of your research. The journal adheres to the COPE guidelines for ethical publication practices, and has a team of experienced editors and reviewers who evaluate your manuscripts based on their originality, relevance, methodology, analysis, and conclusions. The peer review process takes between 3 weeks and 2 months, depending on the complexity and quality of your submission. The journal also provides constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement, which can help you enhance your research skills and output.

A fourth benefit of publishing in AJIR is that it has a high impact factor, which reflects the frequency and significance of citations to your articles. The impact factor is a widely used metric to measure the prestige and influence of journals in their respective fields. The higher the impact factor, the more likely that your articles will be noticed and cited by other researchers. The impact factor also affects your academic reputation and career prospects, as it indicates your scholarly productivity and impact. AJIR has one of the highest impact factors among international relations journals, which demonstrates its excellence and leadership in the field.

A fifth advantage of publishing in AJIR is that it has an easy and user-friendly article submission system, which makes the publication process smooth and convenient for you. The journal accepts online submissions through its website, where you can register, upload your manuscript, track its status, and communicate with the editors. The journal also has clear and detailed instructions for authors, which guide you through the preparation and formatting of your manuscript. The journal also has flexible payment methods for article processing charges (APCs), which are affordable at USD 130 per article. The APCs cover the costs of editorial services, peer review, indexing, hosting, archiving, and dissemination of your articles.

A sixth benefit of publishing in AJIR is that it provides publication e-certificates to each author, which acknowledge your contribution and achievement. The e-certificates are sent to your email address after the publication of your article, and can be downloaded or printed for your personal or professional use. The e-certificates also include a DOI (digital object identifier), which is a unique identifier for your article that enables persistent linking and access to your work online.

In conclusion, publishing in AJIR from AJPO Journals is a rewarding and beneficial experience for international relations scholars. The journal offers several features and benefits that enhance the quality, visibility, impact, accessibility, credibility, convenience, recognition, and satisfaction of your research. If you are looking for a journal that meets these criteria, look no further than AJIR from AJPO Journals. As a rhetorical question: Why not submit your manuscript today?

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