If you are looking for a reputable journal to publish your research on food science and nutrition, you might want to consider the American Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition (AJFSN). This journal is published by AJPO Journals USA LLC, a leading journal publisher that offers high-quality, low-cost and fast publication services for authors worldwide. In this blog, I will tell you why you should choose AJFSN as your preferred journal for publishing your food science and nutrition research.

First of all, AJFSN is a peer-reviewed journal that covers all aspects of food science and nutrition, such as food engineering, food processing, food quality, food safety, microbiology and nutrition research. The journal aims to improve the knowledge and innovation in this field by publishing original and cutting-edge papers that can benefit the scientific community and the society. The journal has a high impact factor of 3.0, which means that the papers published in AJFSN are widely cited and recognized by other researchers. The journal is also indexed by several reputable databases, such as Google Scholar, EBSCOhost, SLICIT and Crossref, making it easy for your paper to be found and accessed by other readers.

Secondly, AJFSN is an open access journal, which means that anyone can read and download your paper for free without any subscription or payment. This can increase the visibility and reach of your paper, as well as the potential impact and citation of your work. By publishing in an open access journal, you can also comply with the funding requirements of many research agencies that mandate the public availability of your research output. Moreover, you can retain the copyright of your paper and grant AJFSN a license to publish it online.

Thirdly, AJFSN has a fast and efficient publication process that ensures that your paper is published online as soon as possible after acceptance. The journal has a network of international peer reviewers who provide constructive and timely feedback on your paper. The peer review process takes between 2 weeks and 2 months, depending on the quality and complexity of your paper. Once your paper is accepted, it will be published online within a week. You can also track the status of your paper online through the journal website.

Finally, AJFSN is a cost-friendly journal that charges a low publication fee of USD 130 per paper. This fee covers the costs of editorial processing, online hosting, indexing and archiving of your paper. There are no hidden or additional charges for extra pages, figures or tables. You can also choose from various convenient payment methods, such as PayPal, Pesapal, bank transfer, Payoneer, Western Union and mobile banking.

In conclusion, AJFSN is a great choice for anyone who wants to publish their food science and nutrition research in a reputable, high-impact, open access and low-cost journal. By publishing in AJFSN, you can showcase your work to a global audience, enhance your academic reputation and career prospects, and contribute to the advancement of knowledge and innovation in this field. To submit your paper to AJFSN, please visit https://ajpojournals.org/contact-us/ and follow the instructions. You can also contact the editor-in-chief at editor https://ajpojournals.org/contact-us/  for any queries or assistance.

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