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American Journal of Health, Medicine and Nursing Practice Vol. 7 No. 5 (2022)

American Journal of Health, Medicine and Nursing Practice is a peer reviewed journal published by AJPO. This journal delivers the studies done on health care provision, the policies regarding health, the management system and the number of nurses involved in healthcare provision. The journals are strictly scrutinized by
qualified doctors and nurses to ensure the reliability is not compromised.


  • The Role of Dynamic Lumbar Spine X-Ray in the Diagnosis of Type 1 Spondylolisthesis in Patients who have Previously Done Lumbar Spinal Surgery
  • Frequency of Intracranial Hemorrhage among Patients with Skull Fractures in Blunt Head Trauma
  • Analysis of Caesarean Section Rate according to Robson Classification Criteria: A Cross Sectional Study in a Tertiary Care Hospital
  • Nurses Intervention Strategies for Hospitalised Patients with Pressure Injuries in Healthcare Facilities in Anambra State, Nigeria
  • Urinary Tract Infection and its Risk Factors in a Tertiary Care Hospital.
Category Book Chapters
Publisher: AJPO journals and books publishers
ISBN: 978-9914-9998-0-8
Authors: Saad Ali, Sajid Khan, Laila Zeb, Kizito M. Musa, Tayyab Mumtaz Khan


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