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American Journal of Environmental Studies (AJES) Vol 4 No 2(2022) & Vol 5 No 1(2023)

American Journal of Environment Studies is an open access journal hosted by AJPO Journals USA LLC. The journal aims at promoting understanding of vital environmental concerns, seek publication of major behavior of upcoming contaminant, effect of human activities on environment, human exposure to environment contamination, its effect and control. The journal being of high factor is also a hub for all those who seek to make the earth a better place. Its indexed in google scholar, Crossref (DOI), Ebscohost, Research Gate among others.


  • Perception of Local Population of Manda National Park (Chad) on Use of Vultures and the Impact of their Activities on the Conservation of Species
  • Species Composition and Structure of Habitats Exploited by Elephants (Loxodonta Africana Cyclotis) in the Campo Maan Forest, South Region, Cameroon
  • Bioaccumulation and Elimination of Ivermectin by Eisenia foetida (Savigny 1826) Earthworms
  • The Trends and Effects of Flood Occurrences in the Shire River Basin in Chikwawa District of Malawi: A Historical Perspective (1980 – 2019)
  • Wetland Restoration Dilemma in Uganda: Investigation of Alternative Livelihood Options for Restoring Limoto Wetland in Eastern Uganda
Category Book Chapters
Publisher: AJPO journals and books publishers
ISBN: 978-9914-745-24-5
Authors: Ghislain Noé Kougoum Piebeng, Ayemeley Betrand Ayuk, Lucía E. Iglesias, Daniel Nakapu Hussein, John Kameri Ochoko


Pages: 137
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