Entrepreneurial Success and Compliance Factors


International Journal of Entrepreneurship Vol 7 No 2 (2024)

International Journal of Entrepreneurship is an internationally peer reviewed journal published by AJPO Journals USA LLC. The journal contains topics on how entrepreneurs balance their innovative talents with the need to manage their business and control its growth. It also addresses how large organizations encourage and empower entrepreneurial behavior. Additionally the journal focuses on practical application of entrepreneurial principals from becoming an entrepreneur, through making financial choices, through strategic planning, to


  • The Mediating Effect of Taxpayer Perception in the Relationship between Tax Education and Income Tax Filing Compliance among Small Taxpayers in Mbarara City
  • Microfinance and Entrepreneurial Empowerment of Women: The Case of Women’s Microfinance Initiative in Uganda
  • Effect of Access to Venture Capital on Innovation in Startups in Congo
  • Impact of Entrepreneurial Education on Startup Success Rates in Kenya
  • Impact of Entrepreneurial Networking on Business Performance in England
Category Book Chapters
Publisher: AJPO journals and books publishers
ISBN: 978_9914_745_99_3
Authors: Boaz Mwesigye, Adebuason Robert, Albert Katembo, Bonface Kimani, David Connor
Pages: 111


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