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American Journal of Education and Practice

American Journal of Education and practice is a high ranked journal approved for its content and information published by AJPO. The journal has a pool of extensive knowledge in aesthetic, cultural, ethical, intellectual, physical, religious, social, spiritual and vocational development of an individual and its practical application of the educational comprehension. Among the areas of education practice covered are the formal, informal and non-formal. The submitted articles for publishing undergo a double blind peer review before they are published. This helps in mitigating the publication errors and therefore ensuring a high standard journals. The review and publication charges are low and affordable to the researchers, both advancing and upcoming researchers.

The journals published have an open access by scholars which makes it possible for referencing in other future studies likely to be done in the related fields. This journal can be identified as one of the most accomplished journals in the field of education and practice. The metrics of number of cite visitations and downloads are available in the publication cite which makes it an added advantage. 

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American Journal of Online and Distance Learning

American Journal of Online and Distance Learning is a peer reviewed journal published by AJPO. This journal emphases on online/distance learning which is done by the use of internet in America. This journal’s content comprises of content such as maintenance of proper delivery structures and the courses offered and their design. This journal further discusses the factors that affect the performance of a student and his or her satisfaction. The American Journal of online and distance learning also shows the faculties and their administrative roles. This journal is useful to teachers, researchers, adult learners and those people who are training in cooperates. For its affordable prices, this journal is incomparable. Low journal fees give future researchers an incentive to publish their research work. This journal is also included in Google scientists and other directories. Furthermore, this journal also adds to the existing literature. The review remarks are issued within a period of two weeks after being reviewed by topnotch Online and Distance learning professors who emphasize on the quality of the journal.  Therefore, this journal is appropriate for all the Online and distance learning related studies which is then published in both online and printed versions.

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European Journal of Historical Research

The European Journal of Historical Research (EJHR), published by AJPO, is a peer reviewed journal. It has developed an international reputation over the years as an important tool of world history, publishing articles on a number of historical subjects by renowned and upcoming historians.

The journal is of great significant to scholars of history since it gives credible information and excellent expertise. The journal prides itself for its affordable publishing costs. This gives space for upcoming history researchers who want to publish their scholarly work. The papers published under this journal are indexed with google scholar.

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Journal of Chemistry

Journal of Chemistry is an internationally esteemed journal accredited for its pivotal and in-depth information published by AJPO. The main objective of this journal is to extrapolate the knowledge about the fundamental principles and applications of chemistry. Chemistry is a natural science discipline that covers various topics covered in ranging from the general chemistry to the applied chemistry in pursuit of the structure and behaviour of matter. This includes composition of matter, nomenclature, stoichiometry, periodic relationships, atomic structure and bonding, chemical reactions and thermochemistry among others. The journal acknowledges the importance of acquiring a solid foundation in chemical principles towards understanding the relevance of chemistry. Enthusiasts and scholars of chemistry are thus given an internationally online platform to publish their chemistry papers in contribution to the existing knowledge about chemistry and its components.

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