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American Journal of Law

American Journal of Law is a high proficient journal approved for its relevant and useful information published by AJPO. The journal reports on democratic process, perception of law, systems of policy change, legislative mechanisms and processes of enforcement, justice and justice systems in compliance with rule of law. The journal is proud of its fast processing of manuscripts, despite it having low publishing costs. The journal is among the recognized journals with vital information of the field of law. The journal features in the Google scholar amongst other indices which makes it possible to be used in references in other related studies. The journal have allows an open access to the articles therein and therefore can also serve as a template for the other authors who are preparing manuscripts for publishing. The submitted manuscripts undergo a double blind peer review process and hence ensures a high proficient article publishing.

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American Journal of Leadership and Governance

American Journal of Leadership and Governance is a peer reviewed journal published by AJPO. This is a high-profile journal that deals with the factors such as economic and the political success of a nation. These factors highly relate to effective leadership and governance. Additionally, this journal deals with other factors such as a proper health system and community development theories which also entails to good leadership and governance. This journal is unsurpassed in popularity for its affordable prices. Near-end scientists wishing to publish their work in research are provided with low journal fees. The journal is also available in the Google academic directories and other journals. The Journal of Leadership and Governance peer review is conducted by experts in leadership and governance who accurately review the papers so that they do not jeopardize the quality of the journal. The review comments are then issued after a period of two weeks. The journal is then published in both online and the printed version.

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American Journal of Public Policy and Administration

American Journal of Public Policy and Administration is a peer reviewed journal published by AJPO.  The American Journal of Public policy and administration is an esteemed and high profile journal that is dedicated to publishing authentic research paper works that are interested in maters government and non-governmental management policy administration. The journal likewise aims to collaborate with administration enthusiasts in informing matters criminal justice, community development, economic development, education, environmental policy, finance, information technology, non-profit management, public health and health care, transportation, or urban management. In addition, the journal is aim an international position to plainly, freely and authentically amplify sentiments and opinions of such pubic figures as policy analysts, activists, advisers or managers in government, non-profit organizations, multilateral and regional organizations, or private consulting agencies among others which aim to building nations and inform national development.

Therefore, the journal attracts researchers, Non-governmental and governmental bodies and encourages them to publish their papers by help educating the public on best innovative mechanisms to spur nationwide as well as international growth and development. This is a copyrighted journal that ensures the protection of scholarly/intellectual rights to scholars both upcoming and accomplished ones, thus providing a level-playing field for development of ideas that help change the world. Researchers and academicians also enjoy the benefits of advisory and consultancy services from our esteemed editorial committee regarding the best approaches to take while tackling their studies and researches with regard to Public policy and administration. This includes high profile lecturers, tutors, peer reviewers, policy opinion leaders among others who make sure that the papers give insightful and revolutionary ideas and solutions besides pursuing academic heights.

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International Journal of Poverty, Investment and Development

International journal of poverty, investment and Development is a double blind peer reviewed journal published by AJPO. The journal contains accredited information on poverty reduction, investment, public perception and cultural dynamics under the globalization. The journal prides itself in fast peer review process and subsequent publication indexing in multiple journal indexes. The journal also covers interdisciplinary research across the topics on technological development, innovation and international affairs.

The journal is published monthly and welcomes original research articles, projects, reports and case studies. In addition, it regularly promotes open access academic journal publishing. Authors who have submitted their research manuscripts for   publication in this journal also benefit from journal metrics, which indicates the number of article downloads and abstract viewership.  Additionally, this journal also serves as a good template for authors to know how to prepare and publish their research journal papers/ manuscripts.

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Journal of Developing Economies

Journal of Developing Economies is a peer reviewed journal published by AJPO.

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