European Journal of Gender Studies 2023-08-07T11:01:08+03:00 Journal Admin Open Journal Systems <p>European Journal of Gender Studies is an open access journal hosted by AJPO Journals USA LLC. The aim of the journal is to advance knowledge about Women, Gender and Sexuality. This is a field that is devoted to shed light into the aspect regarding women, feminism, gender, and politics. It helps in challenging the androcentric production of knowledge that is the privileging of male- and masculine-centered ways. Thus, the journal offers a platform for feminist scholars (including biologists, anthropologists, sociologists, historians, chemists, engineers, economists and young upcoming activists from every corner of the globe to articulate and air their research views concerning gender identity and gender recognition in various contexts. Its indexed in google scholar, Crossref (DOI), Ebscohost, Research Gate among others.</p> Tyrannizing Diversity: Feminist Politics and Sectarian Strife in Aslam’s The Golden Legend 2023-08-07T11:01:08+03:00 Sameera Arshad Ayesha Akram <p><em>The Golden Legend</em> (2017) by Nadeem Aslam is a fictional work that explores the intersectional issues of women's oppression and sectarian violence in Pakistani society. The present study aims to examine the depiction of women's oppression, exploitation and the marginalization in Aslam's <em>The Golden Legend</em>. It seeks to unveil the patriarchal structures that exist in Pakistani society and contribute to gender oppression faced by women on a daily basis. Sylvia Walby's work, <em>Theorizing Patriarchy</em> (1990), serves as the primary text for this research, which outlines six interdependent patriarchal structures, including patriarchal production mode, patriarchal paid work relations, male violence, patriarchal state, patriarchal culture, and patriarchal relations in sexuality. The research employs these structures to demonstrate how they work together to promote the ideology of patriarchal tyrants in society. Additionally, the study also highlights sectarian oppression to bring attention to the injustices faced by women from different sects. The research argues that the intersection of gender and sect is one of the major factors that exacerbate oppression in any society, which is why women from different sects are often subjected to coercion, as portrayed by Aslam in <em>The Golden Legend</em>. The research seeks to shed light on the urgent need to eradicate patriarchal and sectarian ideologies that perpetuate oppression in society. Therefore, the study first exposes the oppressive patriarchal structures in contemporary Pakistani society and then brings to light the oppression faced by women of the Christian faith due to their gender and sect.</p> 2023-08-07T00:00:00+03:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Sameera Arshad, Dr. Ayesha Akram